Walkabout FAQ's

We get lots of questions about the Walkabout.

Check and see if your question has been answered below. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us by phone or by sending us an email. We have a convenient contact form on the contact page.

What is the length of the warranty for the Platform and accessories?
This product was designed and built to last. We will warranty your Platform for three years - no questions asked. Please contact us with any problem you are experiencing with your Platform or Accessory and we will take care of it!

How do I justify paying so much for this product?
Due to the amount of time this product will save you climbing up and down and re-positioning step ladders, buckets, crates or other apparatuses; this tool will pay for itself very quickly. It was designed to save you time - and time is money.

What are the dimensions of the platform and how much weight will the Platform support?

We’ve had it shake tested with 600 pounds for 48 hours and never even had to tighten a fastener. As long as you assemble the product correctly, we are confident that it will easily hold you and other technicians as you work. When stored away it stands 75" tall, 85" wide 18" off the wall. When setup, it has a 19" wide surface and the inside width is 92". We also offer an extension that will increase the setup width by an additional 18 inches, bringing the total width to 120 inches. We offer 6 and 12 inch risers for higher vehicles. Please visit our website or call 801-436-5756 for anymore information at anytime. Thanks for your interest in our product.

Is the Platform made only for shorter people?

We all know that today’s trucks are getting higher and higher from the factory, truck are have lift kits, and the engines are getting further back and very difficult to reach. We've had technicians who are over 6 feet tall purchase these platforms and also purchase the risers as well.

How difficult is it to set up and put away the Platform?

We’ve never had anyone complain about the weight or have difficulty setting up the Platform or put it away. Once you’ve used it a few times you will learn how to prop it up and lay it down. It’s very easy. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a small shop, how easy is the Platform to move around the tight spaces in a small shop or garage?

The Platform is designed with eight industrial swivel casters. For that reason, it is very easy to roll in and out of tight spaces.

How durable is the Platform, and how will it hold up to daily use?

It is made out of extruded aluminum, so it should never rust. The first Platform was made in 2014 and is used every day in a dealership's shop in North Salt Lake, Utah. They have told me that they have never had to do anything with it. It works just as good as the the day they bought it.

Tell me about Snap! Financing. How will it benefit me?

I recommend to everyone who purchases a Platform to take advantage of Snap! Financing. Even if you have the funds to cover the cost, it provides you with 100 days same-as-cash financing. I have had customers tell me that they used Snap! Financing and paid the balance off between 90 and 100 days with the money they made using their Walkabout Platform. For more information about Snap! Finance, please visit this page.