About Us

Bryan, inventor of the Walkabout Platform

My name is Bryan, and I am the developer of the Walkabout Platform. After working 35 years in the automotive industry, I had to find some way to make my job easier and faster. Just like you, I have always struggled with step ladders and other devices that are uncomfortable and unsafe, having to adjust and move to get to different locations under the hood.

Well, NO MORE!

The Walkabout Platform has been my answer to the many frustrating problems when working on high vehicles in the shop or garage. It sets up very quickly and is easy to move around the shop.

The optional, (but highly recommended) base accessory pack, is easy to use and will make your life easier as you work under the hood. The base accessory pack includes an adjustable tool tray, LED lighting and compressed air at your finger tips. 

I also have some additional must-have accessories that will complete your Walkabout system. I recently added a workbench, 6" and 12" risers, and an extension piece that will extend your platform from 92" to 110".

I hope you will see the value that this product can add to your tool collection. Like so many others, it will become the best and most valuable tool in your shop!

So, STEP UP! and join the Walkabout Platform revolution!